I no longer update this list. If you send press releases to these blogs without verifying that they are active you may be wasting your time. The alternative -- shutting off this site -- is always a possibility. Please do not send me news releases or requests to be included.

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Webcomic Blogs:

ArtPatient - Reviews that are among the best and most sensitive, occasional commentary. Smaller titles stand a better chance here. Widely anticipated Friday round-up of web news of interest to webcomics.
Art in Sequence - New, worth seeing
Blog-it Llama - Blog of the Rocket Llama comic often strays from pure webcomics but carries material of interest.
Comixtalk - magazine-style blog with stories, interviews and difficult navigation. Some conflict of interest questions raised by decision of journalist/owner to participate as comics contest judge and subsequently, to assemble a "Top 100 Webcomics" indulgence. Seems to feel it beneath him to respond to critical commentary. Lack of editorial voice gives it a ghostly feel, like The Flying Dutchman.
Comics Reporter is not a webcomics blog but as a serious platform for discussion of comics. It might be of interest for major announcements.
Cool Web Comics List - New. So far, seems to tilt to titles with science fiction aspects, which helps fill a huge gap.
Da Blog - see Morgan Wick, below
Damn Good Comics - reviews and commentary, sporadic
Digital Strips - groups written, new, reviews and commentary. One of the better quick-read blogs, but arguably a little lazy on hard news fact-finding. Claims to journalism should probably be restricted to Feature Journalism and articles penned by Ingrid, who is no lightweight at reporting.
Fleen - Not what it seems: actually a Dumbrella property. Amazing how many people don't realize it. Sometimes poised, sometimes reads like a celebrity gossip column.
Floating Lightbulb - My old blog. Please stop sending me press releases.
KEZ - webcomics how-to, optimization and tech tips
Lonely Panel - (Formerly Webcomic Finds) A smart review blog. I won't say more because I submitted one of my titles for review.
Morgan Wick.com / Da Blog - I'll limit comment due to some articles by Morgan about my own blog this summer, but don't skip it on that account.
MPD57 has resumed with a new site (update any links) for 2009, featuring webcomics and also art and design topics. Zuda commentary. Welcome back, Mike.
Online Comics - enthusiastic capsule reviews

Paperless Comics - Brigid Alverson's new blog. I admire this woman's reporting skills on Digital Strips. Kind of skittish about controversy.

Scott McCloud - latest thoughts of the cartoonist/author, usually in four sentences or less.

Storming the Tower - in-depth webcomic news, articles and analyses. Last update 6/09

Tangents - infrequent but long pieces analyzing and reviewing

Webcomic Asylum - reviews, interviews and commentary

Webcomic Finds - See Lonely Panel

Webcomics Overlook - energetic reviews and commentary. Among the better reviewers.

Webcomic Wire - A headline roundup courtesy of the Gigcast webcomic podcast

WebSnark - Once famous webcomics blog is now infrequent. Publishes occasional long pieces on variety of topics. Sad to say, no longer particularly relevant and would benefit from editorial pruning.

Zhi - reviews from Australia

Also consider:

The Daily Cartoonist - hard news; webcomics coverage is occasional

Talk About Comics - mostly announcements from ComicSpace co-owner Joey Manley and associates

The Beat - Digest of news briefs pertaining to comics of all types. Most links on site are obsolete. Often permeated by a whiff of "too-cool-for-school." Many reports are cut-and-paste summaries of reporting done by others.

Of possible interest:

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If you want to know more about me, scout my comics. Scratchin Post is a weekly about colorful, quirky characters in a small town. Li'l Nyet is a comedy about the clash between human ideals and human nature. It appears three days a week.

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