I no longer update this list. If you send press releases to these blogs without verifying that they are active you may be wasting your time. The alternative -- shutting off this site -- is always a possibility. Please do not send me news releases or requests to be included.

Webcomic Blogs:

Art in Sequence 
Blog-it Llama 
Comics Reporter (a more general comics blog)
Cool Web Comics List 
Da Blog - see Morgan Wick, below
Damn Good Comics 
Digital Strips 
Floating Lightbulb - my old blog. Please stop sending me press releases. Thank you.
Lonely Panel 
Morgan Wick.com / Da Blog
Online Comics
Paperless Comics
Scott McCloud
Storming the Tower
This Week In Webcomics
Webcomic Asylum
Webcomic Finds - see Lonely Panel
Webcomics Overlook
Webcomic Wire

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If you want to know more about the guy who keeps this site up, you might enjoy scouting my webcomics. Scratchin Post is a weekly about colorful, quirky characters in a small town. Li'l Nyet is a comedy about the clash between human ideals and human nature. It appears three days a week.

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